Blayde Security SIA Approved

Our Team

We believe our stringent selection processes and relentless focus on staff training are crucial factors that assure customers to know they can rely on Blayde Security to serve and protect them well. Our growing workforce provides great opportunities for team members and inspires our employees to deliver optimum service and performance for our customers. And because we know how to tailor performance management with our unique personality style, we are proud of our happy workforce and impressive staff retention rates. If you believe you have the skills and attributes to join the Blayde family, please get in touch.


Our Values

We build close and open relationships with our customers to generate a bond of trust. Our customers understand our promise to work in partnership for the mutual benefit of the relationship and we employ and deploy only the best people, continually developing competences and providing opportunity to inspire and engage team members. The Blayde team can always be trusted to do the right thing, no matter how hard. We aim to continually demonstrate our length and breadth of experience so that we are able to deliver the right solutions for you. We also seek to improve performance year on year so that we can grow as a business as well as aim to create long-term, sustainable relationships which we feel benefits our customers and employees.

A security officer at the concert

Our Promise

At Blayde Security, we are proud to offer tailored solutions to our customers’ security needs, no matter how large or small. Every project we undertake introduces key performance documents, which help to to identify with the customer the crucial indicators and review processes, ensuring all requirements are clear and an achievable plan is in place. Our promises are clear:  We will listen and understand, we  will advise professionally and we will uphold our duties with integrity and honesty at all times. Our customers know that Blayde Security stands for honesty, integrity and security.

back of graduates during commencement at university

University & School Security

When it comes to educational institutes, tackling security in an efficient and effective manner can pose a huge challenge. With both schools and especially universities encompassing a diverse range of people, not to mention a wide variety of buildings, from accommodation blocks through to libraries, you need a solution that has the flexibility to cater to a variety of situations. This is where Blayde Security have devised the perfect university and school security service which offers all of the following and guarantees your institute the level of protection it needs:

  • Controlling of access points to eliminate intruder risk
  • Onsite CCTV monitoring for a rapid reaction
  • Mobile patrols of campus and accommodation facilities
  • General maintenance services
  • Prevention and diffusing of volatile situations
  • Reduction of onsite theft and violence
  • Pastoral care provision
back of a security guard

Security Guarding

As the leading security guarding team throughout the South Coast, Blayde are proud to offer unrivalled expertise in security operations to deliver solutions our customers can trust for reliability and value. From commercial security to public sector safeguarding, we offer a complete range of services and every member of our team has been carefully vetted, selected, trained and nurtured to the highest industry standards. Blayde security offers unparalled solutions and service because our team are:

  • Fully SIA licensed
  • Specially vetted for a minimum of 10 years
  • First aid qualified
  • Enrolled in the Blayde Academy for ongoing competency assessment and training
  • Able to undertake risk assessment and health and safety checks
Licensed Venue Security

Licensed Venue Security

With over 30 years experience of working with clubs and pubs we understand the need to balance between attracting customers and keeping operations secure. The Blayde Security Director will visit your venue and undertake a full security survey to provide a detailed estimate for approval and help identify potential areas for focus. We will assign a member of the Blayde head door supervision management team to work at your venue to promote your business whilst diligently and fairly enforcing your venue’s rules as well as helping you comply with the license requirements. Our Directors and door supervisory team will work with you to create a safe and happy environment for your staff and customers as well as helping you build great relationships with the police and licensing.

What some of our customers say

  • “You never cease to continue impressing us. Knowing that you will always be there when we need you helps me sleep at night.”

  • “I want to congratulate your team for the way you managed the occurrences this week. Mature and calm strength when we really needed it.”

  • “The advice and assurances your security team have given us have allowed us to really streamline our operations. If only our whole team were as reliable as yours.”