Keep your stores and premises safe with our professional security officers and specially trained store detectives.

Security guards play an important part in monitoring the movements of suppliers, deliveries (incoming and outgoing), workers, visitors and anyone who crosses the threshold of a business.

If your site needs security then Blayde can offer a high-quality service tailored to suit you. We’ve supplied static security officers to a whole range of sites from hospitals and shops to car parks and building sites, to local authorities and universities. Any site needing a security presence can be catered for – just get in touch and ask us just how we can meet and exceed your requirements.

Our static security officers are trained to the highest industry standards and will be given a comprehensive induction to your site. They’re experienced in virtually every aspect of commercial guarding like the monitoring and controlling of alarm systems, patrols, controlling traffic, key holding, searching vehicles and baggage, controlling access points, lock downs, logging movements and visitors, safety procedures and vehicle clamping.

Vandalism, theft, staff pilfering and a whole array of activities are serious to your business and revenue streams. The very presence of on-site security has been proven to deter possible threats as well as form an early warning system against potential major disasters like fire or flooding. Personal safety has also now become a major consideration for many businesses and to limit personal and professional risk and to give yourself peace of mind. Call us today to see how we can address your security needs.