Licensed Premises Owners

With over 30 years experience of working alongside clubs and pubs, we fully understand the need to balance your license with attracting customer and keeping the various licensing agencies happy with your operation.

Initially, Blayde’s directors will visit your venue to undertake a full security survey and provide a detailed estimate for approval and help identify potential problems. We will assign a member of the Blayde head door supervisor management team to work at your venue to promote your business whilst diligently and fairly enforcing your venue rules as well as helping you comply with the license requirements.

Our directors and door supervisors will work with you to create a safe, happy and enjoyable environment for your staff and customers as well as helping you build great relationships with the Police and licensing authorities.

What makes us unique?
Customer Focus

Our entire ethos is focussed around the needs of our customers and the safety of their customers.

Business Undertanding

We understand how the quality of our services impacts the performance of businesses we serve.

Team Professionalism

Every member of our team is handpicked because of their skill, competence and attitude. This is what makes Blayde the leading security team on the South Coast.


Blayde customers know that we will be there for them, no matter what.