University Campus Care and Security

When it comes to educational institutions, tackling security in an efficient and effective manner can pose a huge challenge. With both schools and especially universities encompassing a diverse range of people, not to mention a wide variety of buildings, from accommodation blocks through to libraries, you need a solution that has the flexibility to cater for a variety of situations. This is where Blayde Security have devised the perfect university and school security service which offers all of the following and guarantees your institute the level of protection it needs:

  • Controlling of access points to eliminate intruder risk
  • Onsite CCTV monitoring for a rapid reaction
  • Mobile patrols of campus and accommodation facilities
  • General maintenance services
  • Prevention and diffusing of volatile situations
  • Reduction of onsite theft and violence
  • Pastoral care provision

Universities in particular can be seen as small scale towns, encompassing their very own communities containing both a vast and a diverse range of students, so it is imperative that we provide a service that respects this. Parcelled with this is  huge range of facilities available and accessible 24 hours a day potentially poses a greater risk to your students. This is why here at Blayde Security we work to provide mobile security patrols to cover your entire premises, but also supply dedicated university and school security guards to work around the clock.

From brawls and vandalism to bullying, we have the proactive approach that will ensure your students, visitor, parents and staff are safe and reassured in the knowledge that your institute is a secure environment. With an abundance of expensive and specialist equipment on-site not to mention the personal belongings of your students, you need to have the correct measures in place to ensure these remain safe.

If you’re looking to hire security for universities or security for schools call us today.

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